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Before you hire or pay anyone, before you send any attorney or company documents or your hard earned money, contact us! There are many scams and unqualified companies preying on those in trouble with their bills. 

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Are You 5 Months Or More Behind On Payments & Need Help To Get Out Of Foreclosure?

We are the most trusted advocacy group helping and protecting families from foreclosure. Our mission is to help homeowners facing foreclosure understand their rights and options.

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 Families in Foreclosure Program does not assist homeowners in the States of New Mexico, Delaware, Connecticut, Kansas, New Hampshire, West Virginia.

This program educates the general public and refers your contact information, at no cost to you, to foreclosure prevention law firms to evaluate qualifications for a mortgage payment reduction. Families in Foreclosure Program  is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated or approved with any government program. Applying with us does not guarantee a loan modification or foreclosure prevention and the lender may not approve to change your loan. 

Do not transfer or surrender property titles at a below-market price to anyone and do not bypass the lender and make payments directly to anyone else.

Learn more about Making Homes Affordable, a free federal government program designed to help homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments.

Families in Foreclosure is not associated with the government or any state government office. Our services are not approved by the state or your mortgage company. If you accept our help and use our service, your lender may still not agree to modify your loan.

Important Note:

You should not discontinue communication with your mortgage company or stop making mortgage payments on purpose in an effort to qualify for help.

It is not necessary to pay a third party to arrange for a loan modification or other form of forbearance from your mortgage company. You may call your lender directly to ask for a change in your loan terms. Non-profit housing counseling agencies also offer these and other forms of borrower assistance free of charge. A list of non-profit housing counseling agencies approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is available from your local HUD office or by visiting www.hud.gov. 

By submitting this contact request, you are consenting to be contacted by our help team. Only our help team will contact you, and we will not share your contact information with any third parties. Our Help team will contact you via phone, email or text message even if you have previously listed yourself on any state or federal Do-Not-Call Lists.

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"They were very honest and upfront with me regarding my situation. I would recommend Families in Foreclosure for any questions regarding their home. Thank you!" - Kenny M.


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